lundi 27 juillet 2009

Music Around the World # 10 : Australia

Midem, Music around the world. DigitalMeme and Viva Musica made A travel around the (music market) world. Internet is an International business. But What’s happen in different country ?

Country # 10 : Matthew Proft from Sounds Australia explains Australia. Interview in English

Many Office in the world ?
China and Australia are very close in diplomacy. Do you have a new
mission in China ?
What is the situation of music market in Australia ?
Australia is a big Island. Is it an issue to improve Internet and mobile phone ?
What does Australian people prefers for music : Internet or mobile ?
Is illegal download important in Australia ?
About live Music. Australia is an island. Isn’t it difficult to organize tours ?
So lot of live in Perth and Sydney ?
Is it usual to export his music for an australian artist ?
How does Australian Arboriginal influence in music ? Do they have success ?
Is UK and US music important in Australia ?
What can we wish best for music in Australia in 2009 ?

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